Online exhibitions

With the Mundaneum project, Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine had for objectives to collect and share all of the knowledge of the world. At the time of the Internet and the Web 2.0, the Mundaneum pursues the ideal of its founders et invites you to discover its online exhibitions!

The origins of the Internet in Europe / Collecting, indexing & sharing knowledge

The 100th anniversary of a Nobel Peace Prize / Henri La Fontaine (1854 - 1943), Nobel Peace Prize in 1913Les origines de l'Internet en Europe

Women in Belgian history / Léonie La Fontaine, feminist & pacifist

Art or Archive ? / The Mundaneum's photographic heritage put to test of time

14-18 - The Belgian press during the First World War

Towards, the information age - Paul Otlet (1868-1944), founder of the Mundaneum

Norbert Ghisoland - The treasure found of 45.000 glass plates by Norbert Ghisoland

Mapping Knowledge - 1910-1944, the visualizations of Paul Otlet





The opinion of the audience

The online exhibition is very good, I love the tone! Bravo. Luce Lebart, director of the French Society of Photography in Paris, about the exhibition "Art or archive ?"

I am aware of your exhibition "Art and Archive ? " I have browsed your website over the subject. I think that your comments and the idea of the meeting between the photographer and the archive / archivist particularly relevant. Your work within the Mundaneum collections and  the difficulties involved in terms of conservation, restoration and documentation speak to me and I have great interest , as well as the history and future of this collection, DABAGHY Sarah , Researcher of images - librarian, about the exhibition " Art or archive? "