New York author Alex Wright in Belgium for 2 exclusive events!

On 4 December at 19.00, over 70 years after Paul Otlet's passing, American journalist and auteur Alex Wright will give an exclusive talk in the Google offices in Brussels. Following the publishing of his book Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age (Oxford University Press, June2014), the New York Times journalist will show why Otlet's revolutionary ideas restore Belgium as a pioneering country in Information Science.

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Alex Wright also teaches interactive design at the School of Visual Arts (New York) and is an expert in website optimization. He has already transformed the sites of the New York Times, Yahoo, la Harvard University and IBM, and now works on optimizing online shop On 5 December in Mons, he will introduce the local creative community to his specialty: « user experience ».

+ info on the workshop

Looking forward to welcoming you on these events!