An exhausive listing of Paul Otlet's writing now online!

The Australian scholar and Professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA), W. Boyd Rayward, is Paul Otlet’s first biographer. He offers us an exhaustive bibliography of the publications of the Mundaneum co-founder. It contains nearly 1000 annotated and commented references. Discover this interactive document on our website.

From Paul Otlet's first work, L'Île du Levant (1882), to his last, dedicated to La Cité Mondiale and published posthumously in 1945, this bibliography reveals Otlet's complex and innovative thinking. It comprises of course major works such as his Traité de Documentation (1934), where Otlet imagined, among other ideas, the telecommunication networks we know today.
Most of the articles and books are now preserved in our archives, the Mundaneum (Mons).

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