Creative Valley: the Mundaneum partner of the creative hub in Mons!

Developing from a traditional industry to a creative economy: such is the ambition of the creative hubs in Wallonia as part of the Creative Wallonia program.

Called “Creative Valley,” the new hub in the « Heart of Hainaut » (Mons and the Centre region) will connect, as early as this autumn, cultural, digital and creative practitioners to build an effective “cultural and creative hub” relying on the rich regional heritage and the existing infrastructures. A tool for long-term economic redevelopment but first an exchange platform between some twenty partners, this hub will turn into an incubator for local projects and international cooperation!

The Mundaneum is of course a stakeholder in this hub. True to its founders’ spirit, Otlet and La Fontaine both being visionaries and genius creators, it is important for an institution such as the Mundaneum, at the crossroads between history and technology, to take part in the debate on “culture and economy.”

Google is also on board of Creative Valley: As early as December 2013, the Mundaneum started a discussion on that theme with Google’s Finnish partners and the local dynamic forces, thanks to an exchange program called “From industrial heartland to Internet age.”

More than ever, the Mundaneum flourishes between heritage and connected society!