The Mundaneum in the international press

Le Monde, the New York Times, Der Spiegel ... as well as Google and the World Science Festival in New-York, recognize the Mundaneum of Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine as the anticipation of the Web and the knowledge organisation in network!

Reopening 2015 en exhibition "Mapping Knowledge" : the press review here

02.12.2015 - The Mundaneum receives European Heritage Label: press review

Google Doodle 23.08.2015 - Hommage to Paul Otlet on his 147th birthday : international press review

Portrait of Paul Otlet on the 70th anniversary of his passing: Quentin Noirfalisse, Le Belge qui a prophétisé Internet, Le Vif/L'Express, 13.12.2014, Belgium

Release of the biography Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age byAlex Wright (May-June 2014)

Manu Mateos, Paul Otlet, el desconocido abuelo de la Web, Xataka On, 25.05.2014, Spain

Matthias Verbergt, Hoe een Brusselaar in 1934 Internet bedacht, De Morgen, 28.05.2014, Belgium

Carina Kolodny, This Man imagined the Internet in 1895, The Huffington Post, 29.05.2014, USA

Maria Popova, The Birth of the Information Age: How Paul Otlet’s Vision for Cataloging and Connecting Humanity Shaped Our World, Brain, 09.06.2014, USA

Launching of the partnership between Google and the Mundaneum (Mars 2012)

"Google to Announce Venture with Belgian Museum" , New York Times, 12.03.2012, USA

"Google links up with belgian 'paper Internet'", Bangkok post, 13.03.2012, Thailand

"Google va collaborer avec le Mundaneum", La Libre Belgique, 13.03.2012, Belgium

"Google Pairs With Belgian Precursor", The Wall Street Journal, 13.03.2012, USA

"Google en documentatiecentrum Mundaneum slaan handen in elkaar",, 13.03.2012, Belgium

"Google to Announce Venture With Belgian Museum", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 14.03.2012, USA

"Google y Mundaneum, por un conocimiento universal",, 28.03.2012, Argentina

Annoucement of the World Science Festival in New-York (Juin 2012)

"The Internet was invented in 1934", Fox News, 07.06.2012, USA

"The Internet Was Actually Invented in 1934", The Inquisitr, 07.06.2012, USA

"Internet History Timeline: ARPANET to the World Wide Web", Live Science, 07.06.12, USA

"Internet est définitivement une idée belge", Le Soir, 08.06.2012, Belgium

"Was the internet invented in 1934? The scientist whose 'televised book' foretold the world wide web seven decades ago", Daily Mail, 08.06.2012, UK

"Le père d'internet est belge", RTBF, 09.06.2012, Belgium

"Did Paul Otlet, Belgian Entrepreneur And Bibliographer, Invent The Internet In 1934?", Huffigton Post, 06.07.2012, USA

Some previous articles

"The Web Time forgot", New York Times, 17.06.2008, USA

"Le Mundaneum, Google de papier", Le Monde Magazine, 19.12.2009, France

"Navigating knowledge: Hypertext Pionneers" , Computer History Museum, Mountain View, 2010, USA

"Networked knowledge, decades before Google" , Der Spiegel, 22.07.2011, Germany