With family

Because the Mundaneum is a place of exchange, transmission and sharing, special attention is paid to welcoming families. Fun activities for young and old are offered in the museum area.

- For each exhibition organized, we offer a guide intended for small visitors. This booklet offers a fun and didactic approach to the exhibition including games, questions and answers and many other surprises. Do not hesitate to ask for it at the reception!

- Also available at reception a "family kit" to borrow to make your visits fun and share a good time with your family! Are you up to the challenges?

- Several times a year, the Mundaneum offers, in partnership with Marmaille & Co, Museozoom and Museum Pass Museums, family activities in connection with current exhibitions (events, guided tours, etc.).

- The Mundaneum, a joyful Museum! The Mundaneum has signed the Môm'Art charter which was drawn up by parents and visitors who are committed to accompanying children to the museum. By signing it, the Mundaneum has undertaken to do its utmost to fulfill its mission of welcoming children and families. The ten rights of the little visitor are displayed in the museum space and invite children to appropriate the museum in a lively and uninhibited way. A small notebook will also be given to the child so that he can fully enjoy his visit to the Mundaneum.

Useful tips to prepare for your family visit to the museum!

- Museum survival guide with babies

- Museum survival guide with children

- Museum survival guide with teens


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