Portraits of women. Stories for a history

Date :
31/03/2022 to 20/11/2022
Place :
Au Mundaneum
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Tout public
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From the shadows to the light... the exhibition "Women's portraits. Stories for a history" highlights women who are invisible in history. Anonymous women, heroines, fighters, artists, visionaries... all these stories tell the story of Belgian women on their way to emancipation and to the conquest of their rights.

Why are women so little present in the official history that forms the basis of our collective identity? This question, which is at the heart of current debates, is part of a process initiated by historians aiming to show a version of history more marked by otherness. You don't have to be a feminist to realise that it is high time to finally take nother look at the narrative of human evolution and deconstruct the cognitive and cultural biases that have made women invisible throughout the centuries.
The exhibition Portraits of women. Stories for a history aims to highlight the paths and stories of women on their way to emancipation and the conquest of their rights for full citizenship. Based on archives and contemporary documents, this exhibition aims to highlight the stories of Belgian women who have gone before us and who have paved the way for an improvement in the status of women and opened up the paths of possibility for today's women, in search of ever greater freedom and equality.
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