Academic year 2012 - 2013

Within the framework of the exhibtion "Renaissance 2.0: A journey through the origins of the Web"

- « Slam » project over the theme of the exhibition "Renaissance 2.0, A journey through the origins of the Web" (February - October 2012)

In partnership with the Youth Council, the Children's Council the Local Youth Center of the city of Mons & Child Focus.

After an animation over the awareness towards the dangers of the net and how to behave with it, young people have realised slams during workshops. The slams were presented at the "educational & associative" vernissage of the exhibition.

- Creation of an educational and multimedia plateform for teachers and students from secondary school.

In partnership with IHECS and Jamy from the TV show « C’est pas Sorcier ».
The aim of this platform is to provide tools for teachers and students in order to prepare and exploit the visit of the exhibition. If you want to discover it, it is here.

- Our participation to the 4th meeting "Schools and Technologies"- 16th March 2013

- Web Fair Day 2013 - 25th April 2013

- Our participation to the 16th Sunday of Sciences - 5th May 2013